Building Startups In Bangladesh, the Tech Powerhouse of Coming Decade

    “A couple of years at a startup, (I want to) see if I can provide, if I could work with other founders because I really enjoyed that and build something amazing again. But this time leveraging what I’ve learned, but also leveraging the relationships and connections I’ve made… There are a lot of fantastic founders and companies in Bangladesh, but they need to be found and someone needs to tell their story. “    

Ravid Chowdhury

Entrepreneur, Investor, Former Pathao CFO,
Director – Truck Lagbe

Born and raised in the US, Ravid Chowhury made a decision to go back to Bangladesh to work and to just experience living there. 

A well- travelled man, he has built connections and bonds with a lot of people and companies around the globe. Seeing his track record and list of achievements, he has definitely proven his credibility in a very short period of time.

Being known to be the CFO of Pathao and now one of the founders of Truck Lagbe, he had created undeniable impact in emerging markets in Bangladesh.

Ravid Chowdhury sees how the country can be at par to other countries if we talk about technological and internet shift. 


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