Everything Is Created Twice To Reach Full Potential

 “I really came in Indonesia with idea of building like a multi multi-million dollar company.
I don’t know how,  I don’t know what golden path there is to do that, but I really had that idea 
that I would be doing that and you know, eventually, 
we went from 2 to 4million USD a month, ”

Andrew Senduk

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Keynote Speaker

Going from a six – digit paycheck as a banker in the Netherlands to zero is definitely a fearless move to make, a risk nobody is willing to take, right? However, having a vision is a definite game-changer.

Things are created twice, one is in your mind and the other one is in reality. It is planting certain seeds in your mind that eventually will create a certain belief system from which you take certain actions to arrive at a result. This also means that there’s a proper direction of where you want to go in life or any endeavor you want to venture in.

Straight from the man behind the “CEO Blueprint”, Andrew Senduk shared in this podcast the importance of having a specific vision in life, the importance of knowing your fears and conquering them in the process. He also made mention of his take on the key elements that CEOs need to look at while they’re building a company without sacrificing their relationship with their family.

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