TheStartupChef Pte Limited plans to render to your startup with the purpose to help you find your ultimate dream investors and manage your investor relations and meetings.

  • 50% 50%

Investor Relations & Management

Client Survey & Study

In depth research and discovery call with you to nail down an exact investor profile.

Creation of your investor 30 dream List

Based on our warm database of investor relationships and inhouse analytics, our investment analyst will identify 30 top investors that would deliver a 100% match with your startup

Dream investor introductions

Approach and reach out to investor-30

Investor meetups

Facilitating and managing investor introductions on your behalf. 

Bi-weekly performance

Updating you regularly about investor rejections and updates

Investor reach out: reach to 1000+ investors

3 investor Attendance Calls

1 Term Sheet Negotiation Call

Business Analysis & Dataroom Optimization

Client Business Analysis & Dataroom

Review call with you

Dataroom study, analysis & recommendation and improvement report

Study of financial models & business fundamentals, analysis and recommendations

Success Fee

4% $ 0 – $2.000.000
3.5%   $2.000.000 – $5.000.000

Follow On Fee       1%


In the event that TheStartupChef is able to close 50% of your round, you’ll receive a full refund of the investor relations & management fee

“Sven, beyond his experience has empathy, He truly gets it. Your Business, Your obstacles, Your Psyche and Your Vision. He will go out of his way to help you get where you need to be”



“I feel I have finally a clear understanding of how to structure a deal.  Practical insights and strategies that you can put into place immediately to get the results for your project. You can implement them  immediately. He delivers great value and cuts down your learning time emmensely​”


Founder at City Discovery App

“Sven has helped us to prepare and plan the fundraising process in detail, which resulted in a structured approach to reach out to our investors to grow our business”


CEO at Iot Startup

68 Circular Road, 02-01 Singapore 0494323

+63 966 864 2901