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The Fundraise Get Ready Test is benchmarking you against the 9 step date-your-investor blueprint and helps you identify where to focus on and what to change.


Answer 70 Questions and get your tailor-made 20-page Fundraise Ready performance report


In less than 10 minutes, you’ll find out in detail where you and your startup need to focus on.

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Receive why startups fail
45-page E-guide

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“Following the 9-step date your startup investor framework will set your startup up for winning.”

Sven Milder

Founder – TheStartupChef

The Fundraise Ready quiz will evaluate your performance against our 9-step startup investor framework


Fundraise Basics

Your overall understanding of raising capital, the terms, process and requirements

Investor Network

Your ability to build a targeted network of relevant investors

Startup Visibility

Your ability to stand out in the marketplace and attract attention

Investor & Media Relations

Your ability to establish, build and foster valuable investor and media connections

Business Fundamentals

Your ability to understand the market, competition and the startup metrics that matter


Your ability to furnish required investor documents to convince investors


Your ability to translate your startups uniqueness into a live presentation

Financing & Negotiations

Your ability to negotiate desired dealterms and knowledge about financing methods

Post Investment

Your ability to set course to a successful return on investment

Explore Your Weakness & Strengths now!

Discover your Fundraise Ready score within 15 minutes…

“Following The 9-step-date your startup investor framework helped me close $250.000 in startup capital”

Sara Sofyan


Answer 70 questions

Find out your knowledge about fundraise basics, startup visibility, ability to build an investor network, business fundamentals, negotiation skills, how well you produce investor documents.


Receive 20-page tailor made Performance Report Including suggestions To improve

You’ll receive your score within 30 minutes, tailored to your situation including a range of action steps to take to grow your ability to raise capital straight away.

FREE Bonus: 45 page E-Guide: Why Startups Fail

Be sparkle clear why 90% of the startups fail and make changes in your startup to avoid the same happening to you.

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