How The Global Workforce Gets Work Done Post Covid

“Well I think opening up a business is in a foreign country can be considered a dumb idea. If you say hey most businesses fail. Let me try to go to another country where I don’t speak the language. I don’t know the culture so well. Finances are different, banking is completely different. I’m not sure of how to do anything regulatory.Let me go there. Let me see if I can start up a business.”

David Abraham

Co-Founder at Outpost

Do what you can do, and do not overthink. Sometimes life puts us to places we never thought we’ll end up with. From working in the White House, to exploring Wall Street and literally the world. Our Outpost Guy who won 2nd place in the dunk contest is set to build a community of living space and workspace. It supports the lifestyle of the younger generation who are working and living whether for weeks or months or years.

Given the crisis we are facing today, the majority of the world is anxious about facing the new normal. What’s the recovery plan? What will happen this? What will be the work setup in the new normal? In this podcast, topics on how the media plays a crucial role is also tackled.

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