You are sipping your morning coffee, check-in on your online sales and suddenly you discover that a complete stranger bought your most expensive product!

Fantasy? or reality? The latter is actually possible when you build a solid reputation in your marketplace backed-up by client testimonials.

But where to start – if you are still in the process of building that reputation?

Too many online entrepreneurs believe that throwing up a beautiful website, listing a problem solving product and running ads will deliver them BIG BANG sales overnight.

…only to fall back into the realization that you are actually wasting money.

Instead, build your product stack using the FIS-R framework.

If you eventually want to reach that stage of selling dozens of premium products to wild strangers, you would want to target to engineer your product line around what I call the FIS-R Framework.

Following the FIS-R framework allows you to build an ascending product stack that moves your leads from being interested to raving and long lasting clients.

What does FIS-R stands for?

The F stands for Free Products:


It is a  unique offer for newbies that allows your new lead, without any strings attached to acquaint themselves with your amazing startup. These are mostly products that point out problems and deliver insights on how to solve or deliver a quick win to move them to the next level in their journey.

Great examples of Free Products are discovery products like:

  • Quiz
  • Free product trial
  • E-books
  • Digital games
  • Webinars

The I stands for  Introduction Products:

A no-brainer low priced offer for clients that are receptive to discover your solutions, without immediately breaking the bank. It’s your goal to inspire them to take action and convert them one step closer to battle and solve their real problems.

Great examples of Client Introduction Products are small win products like:

  • Introduction courses
  • Discounted trials
  • Physical books
  • Two day retreats
  • Strategy sessions

The S stands for Signature Products:

These are comprehensive products that tackle real problems designed by offering true solutions for clients that are all ready to go the extra mile. They have gained trust in your startup. They are committed to make a larger investment into your business that helps them nail their urging problem for ones and for all.

Great examples are problem solving products like:

  • SaaS products
  • Transformational online programs
  • Live events
  • Cars
  • Organized travel
  • Yearly membership

Arriving at the last R of the FIS-R framework

The R stands for Recurring Revenue Products:

Products designed for raving client that completed your customer journey, have solved their problems and are in the belief your company is the real deal. They are now receptive for the next chapter in their journey

Some great examples are next level products like:

  • Membership communities
  • VIP treatments
  • Masterminds
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Insurance policies

Here you have the FIS-R framework, an ascending product stack that allows leads to kick off with a free product, sniff on an introductional offer, dial in on your signature product and ones happy and satisfied enjoying your recurring revenue products.


Everyone wants fore-play

Taking the time to truly understand where your client or customer exists within their journey, offers them an entry point of engagement with your business. In exchange it allows your team to perfect and engineer a customer journey that will be experienced as natural, without force that helps clients transit from a brand newbie to your personal walking billboard of happiness.

When designed with care, your clients will be thrilled and motivated to share their experiences with friends, on social media and other strangers by leaving testimonials on your website that your startup is the true real deal.

In exchange you can use these testimonials to create engaging user cases, proof of concepts or any other kind of marketing materials to convert future strangers into raving clients.

Now, How To implement the FIS-R framework in your company?
I assume that you already have your premium or signature products in place, hence I will focus strictly on giving you insights in crafting your own free offer, your introduction offer and your recurring revenue offer.
Ask yourself.
1) What attractive offer can I craft for newbies free of charge, without any strings attached to give them a taste of my solution?

Ideally you want to go for a digital version so you can offer this 24/7 around the clock.

Your goal here is to let your client know more about you, so you end up laying the fundamentals to become a trusted resource that is capable of delivering on its promises.

Go the extra mile and leave a fantastic first impression. Seduce your clients to the next step in your customer journey, your introduction offer.

2) What introduction service can I offer for a no brainer price that will help them experience and achieve a quick win?

3) What is a natural and logical next step on their journey step after your ideal client has completed or experienced your signature product to stick with your business?

Your FIS-R framework allows you to scale and spike marketing spend

Having an extensive line of products and services is not only delivering you raving customers. it will help you distance your startup from the competition.

The FIS-R framework grows your customer lifetime value (CLV) because you have an extensive range of products on offer.

This will increase your revenue that allows you to spend more on marketing which will result in the ability to scale your business.

If you dare to research this methodology, you’ll be surprised how much additional value you can deliver to your customers by adding multiple products to your stack.

Implementing the FIS-R framework will let you wake up one day, check-in on your online sales dashboard and find out that a complete stranger just bought your premium product on the spot.

Do you have your products set-up using the FIS-R framework? Please comment below how your FIS-R Framework currently looks like and inspire others to develop a product stack for scale.

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