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Introduction to the StartupChef

Every week we will invite the global movers and shakers to the show, with the purpose to let you leave this 60 minute break with the golden nuggets to help you propel your business. We discuss the wisdom and successful strategies they deploy to build an awesome business and fulfilling life.

We are on a mission to elevate and Inspire 100.000 startups entrepreneurs globally by providing access to expert knowledge and access to over 1000+ investors.


Ravid Chowdhury

Jakob Rost

CEO and Co-Founder of Ayoconnect 
Former Managing Director – Lazada Marketplace

Premiering on October 8 at 11:00 AM (SGT)

Jakob moved to Indonesia from Berlin more than 7 years ago to become Managing Director of Lazada. He was a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group with projects in Banking and Financial Services.

After Lazada’s acquisition by Alibaba,  he founded Ayoconnect together with his two co-founders, where he remains as CEO until today. 

Ravid Chowdhury

Ravid Chowdhury

 Entrepreneur, Investor, Former Pathao CFO,
Director – Truck Lagbe

Premiere Date: October 1, 2020

Ravid Chowdhury is a partner at RC Ventures, one of the active venture firms in Dhaka, investing in technology companies with a portfolio including Pathao, Truck Lagbe and Kajkey.

He has led the board of multiple startups in Bangladesh.  He was the first CFO of Pathao and managed to raise at a 100 million dollar valuation  and led the company through several funding rounds including the GO-JEK investment.

Our  Upcoming Guest

Ravid Chowdhury



Viktor Kyosev

Chief Operating Officer

Premiering on October 15 at 11:00 AM (SGT)

Viktor Kyosev started working within the hospitality industry in several countries located on two continents. He has about seven years of experience within international hotel brands and a few restaurants.

He decided to do a full 180-degree turn and move to a more dynamic field – entrepreneurship. 

Ever since  he has built from the ground up – start-ups ranging from event planning to education, social entrepreneurship, photography, hospitality, and real estate.

 Podcast Episodes

Andrew Senduk - the startup chef

Shaan Coelho

Founder of  3RBTS Innovation Consultancy


Translating Awareness Into a Ticket to Superpower Business and Life

“I genuinely care about helping other people bring their visions to life… I want to know what keeps you up at night and what motivates and drives you… I just want to get plugged in and get to know you.”

Ilya Kravtsov

Ilya Kravtsov

Chief Executive Officer – PouchNATION


Propelling Your Startup Through The Covid-Era

“It is challenging to do something new all the time, but I think this is probably why I started being an entrepreneur because you have this inner desire to always innovate and put out in the market something that hasn’t been there before. “

Florian Holm - the startup chef

Florian Holm

CEO Stilt Studios and
Former CEO Lazada


Driving Incremental Innovation in Business and Life

“I would feel great if I feel like contributing to something that is an ongoing process… I contributed to this process, I put down one stone in that process”

Andrew Senduk - the startup chef

Andrew Senduk

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and Keynote Speaker


Everything Is Created Twice To Reach Full Potential

“I really came to Indonesia with the idea of building like a multi multi-million dollar company. I don’t know how,  I don’t know what golden path there is to do that…  we went from 2 to 4million USD a month, ”

Florian Holm - the startup chef

Leonardo Koesmanto

 Executive Director – Digital Banking D.B.S.  Indonesia


The Startup Within The Biggest Bank Of South East Asia

“We are not a startup that is looking for evaluation. It’s a bit different. (We are a) start-up within a bank and  our own startup is our own product. So we are looking at how we scale at the same time and how we can make money.”

Florian Holm - the startup chef

David Abraham

Co-Founder at Outpost


How The Global Workforce Gets Work Done Post Covid

“Well I think opening up a business is in a foreign country can be considered a dumb idea. If you say hey most businesses fail. Let me try to go to another country where I don’t speak the language. I don’t know the culture so well.”

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