Propelling Your Startup Through The Covid-Era

“It is challenging to do something new all the time, but I think this is probably why I started being an entrepreneur because you have this inner desire to always innovate and put out in the market something that hasn’t been there before. “

Ilya Kravtsov

Chief Executive Officer – PouchNation

Straight from the founder of Pouchnation, a company that specializes in events management and cashless payments, Ilya Kravtsov  considers this Covid Era the “largest event of our lifetime”.  This pandemic has taken its toll to a  lot of companies, but a lot also are reinventing  themselves. They took it as an opportunity to bounce back and be relevant today.  He also made mention that when you want to reinvent  and innovate, you need to go back in understanding your company’s core competencies. Research and give it a shot!

Moving forward, he also shared the alternative ways of funding an emerging startup. He cited the key difference between Indiegogo and which can help a lot of founders hunting for funds. Be creative! The USE of PR or Media in company building is also essential if you want to make it big and known. 


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