What is really preventing YOU from taking
your startup to the next level?

Introducing Startup Dream Date Capital

Get Your early stage startup Funded in 4 months or less with  our 6 week online group-fundraising-bootcamp, without the need to know a single investor..  Action driven. Stress-free… bundled with unheard bonuses and only-you-win guarantees 

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As the person who is responsible for growing your startup and raise startup capital successfully, you would know by now that…

Raising Investment capital is critical to bring your startup to its next stepping stone of success.

Your investment documents must be compelling to get eyeballs on your startup to grow trusted and credibility
Raising capital becomes nearly impossible without a big network of investors and great relationships

It can be a very expensive decision not being equipped with proven knowledge to close deals, that may result in running out of business.

All your effort and time is put into the hunt for funds. You spend literally hours online browsing tech portals, binge watching Youtube, listening to so called experts, only to be left with distraction and more questions

You struggle how to find, attract and build a network of investors right for you because you don’t know of any yet.

Then what..you are completely in the dark about how to structure a deal, how many shares you should give away or how to determine your companies valuation.

You wonder how to make that killer impression, so you get noticed and are able to present your startup in the best way to deliver a compelling investment opportunity.

And if you would then finally have a meeting, you are afraid that you’ll give the wrong answers and screw up after all of the questions thrown at you.

I dealt with exactly these problems, and much more.

The truth is we can’t raise startup capital from time-consuming youtube videos, blogs and listening to people who have “never done it” or worse failed !

Relaxing Picture of a man

So I hear you thinking. How can I get this done?
What is then the big difference between startup founders who succeed and the ones that fail?

Is their startup a better investment ? No

Did they have an investor network ? No

Was their startup more promising ? No

Was their pitchdeck better? No

Your Key To Raise Startup Capital Successfully is hidden in doing the exact right things at the right time that will grow your chances 500% and sets you and your team up for WINNING.

“We at TheStartupChef like to say,
it’s almost like dating your dream partner.
And by doing exactly that…”

You’ll feel amazing having the opportunity to sell your BIG BANG dream and vision and raise startup capital ONLY from the best investors in your area, before they even have met you.

Imagine the opportunity to pitch your business in a well structured and timely manner to get the most bang for your buck leveraging each contact moment with your investor.

You’ll be able to seduce and attract dozens of professional investors on auto-pilot while building valuable investor relationships at the same time that will serve you now and later.

You’ll have your startup fundamentals organized on the level of Goldman Sachs taking each detail into account that will grow investor confidence and trust, while mitigating all the risks.

You’ll know exactly what, when and how to answer every question your investor has to keep them instead of feeling bored, hunted by curiosity to know more about you.

You’ll literally experience confidence from head to toe, while finally wave goodbye to anxiety and take the lead of the future of your startup, while friends and family will be proud

And all of the above is just the tip of the iceberg.

Introducing: Startup Dream Date Capital

Your practical Action driven 6 weeks online, 11-steps date your startup investor  capital blueprint that gets you fundraise ready, crystal clear and leaves you with a BIG BANG  list of investors to close a deal and we hope get funded in less than 4 months.

StartUp Dream capital laptop image

Startup Dream Date Capital will help you cut the complexity out of this emotional roller coaster, gives you back your confidence and hand you all the strategy, skills and tools to close your deal. 

What will you get inside StartUp Dream Date Capital™
The 6 week Fundraising Bootcamp that gets you funded!

9 Module Trainings

Start with your signature 9-step-date your startup investor blueprint selecting one of 70+ easy to consume videos that contains all you ever need. 4-ever available and beautifully organized in a result driven online student center.  Accompanied with our take-action assignments you are able to truly move the needle fast forward.

Expurd™ Sessions Recordings

Learn from the expurd™, movers, shakers and gamechanger ceo’s sprinkling their best fundraising-optimisation strategies straight in the comfort of your home. On-demand available. Previous students experienced massive learning curves? Each month new sessions. Listen to all previous sessions in the student center.


12 Month 2 x Live Q&A

You are not alone. Forget browsing endlessly online. We understand your fears and challenges and aim to be your lighthouse in the dark. We host every month for a full year, 2 Live 60 minutes Q&A sessions tailored to the modules. Submit questions. Get answers from our team. All live Q&A sessions are recorded, easy right?

4 Get it Done Sessions

Procrastination is not on our menu. We want to only see winners and will keep you accountable for your progress. We know exactly what elements, are crucial in your fundraising process, hence we created Get-It-Done Sessions around the most important topics, where we give away gift cards, and thestartupchef products and services to give you that additional kick under your butt. 

Private SDDC Community

Exclusive to only SDDC students only, we host a closed FB Group where you have the ability to learn, share and connect with other startup founders that are on a similar journey as you are. This is our interactive spot to post your homework, discuss and get expert feedback on homework including regular facebook lives with experts , here you have the option to get insights from real investors. 

My private clients are normally paying up to US$ 10.000,00 for the guidance and materials, but today this changes.

Your program exist of 6 week planning & designing. Students that have completed the program and nailed it are ready to pitch to their own created target investor list.

PLAN: WEEK 1 & 2

We Help You Master & Plan Your Fundraising.

 In the first two weeks of the program we teach you all and everything about raising capital. You’ll plan your startup fundraising in detail, taking control and be steps ahead of your investor.

    DESIGN: WEEK 3 – 6

    We help you Prepare and Design your full capital raise.

    In week 3-6, we will build a dreamlist of investors, data rooms, turn you data in engaging and inviting investment documents, help you optimize each single detail of your business so that will Impress your investors and put you front-row in the spot of attention.


      Reach out to investors and get coached by our team and the SDDC community.

      When the program is completed you are ready for action and can reach out to investors. Upload your video pitch to the SDDC community and get feedback from our team and the community, paving together the road to your success.

        Module 1

        The Rules Of The Game 

        What to expect during your fundraising? How does it work and how will you succeed? Learn the terms & definitions, so that no investor plays you. The timelines to take into account, who is involved, what investors are out there, what do they expect from you, how do they make money and how you can use all this information for your benefit.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Be able to understand all terms and definitions

        So that you are able to talk along with your investor and leave a professional impression that helps you grow trust

        The ingredients of a winning fundraising

        All elements laid out for you, prepared and ready to execute, so that you may feel relieved and set yourself up for success.

        Find out how to make your startup investable

        So that you’ll hit the jackpot on all elements when your future investor will evaluate you.

        What investment documents to prepare

        So that you will not miss out on any opportunity to impress your future investor.


        Module 2

        Hunting For Your Dream Partner

        Welcome to the tinder of venture capital where you’ll find out that not every investor is right for your business. Hunting for your dream partner requires you to dive deep, explore synergies and know exactly what your needs are.

        Taking the time to Identify your investor with laser focus, results in an investor pipeline fueled with 50+ investors that are targeted, avoids you wasting your valuable time and significantly grows your chance of getting funded.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Save Weeks Of Time

        By knowing exactly what to do when. You’ll leave the majority of founders far behind you make an exceptional impression.

        Reverse engineer your financing round

        Learn how to start with the end in mind and engineer each step along the way into perfection.

        From zero to hero blueprint

        Take the lead. know exactly what, when, where, who

        Who are the people involved

        Whom to talk to, who to motivate with your host and group members to discuss possible improvements and gain insights.


        Module 3

        Setting Up Your Dating Profile

        Failing to engineer a great first impression leads to wasting the limited opportunities out there. In contrast, aligning and optimizing your investment story across all channels delivers authority, clarity and confidence. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to make sure your future investor will get excited before you have even met them.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Dataroom Dream Capital Checklist

        Save time by prioritizing your must-have document and mindset first, then followed by the nice to have

        Deep Dive On Your Most Important Metrics

        So that you are able to exactly share with your investor what the impact of his investment will be.

        Learn how to present your data to convey trust and clarity

        We walk you through the full dataroom flow and the exact structure.

        Business Fundamentals Masterclass

        Learn from billion dollar experts the fundaments of any successful business.


        Module 4

        Warming Up Your Relationship

        Make sure your future investor will get excited before you have even met them. In this module we will inspire you with strategies how to let investors fall in love with you before you have even spoke with them in real-live. Become a proffesional conversation partner that leads with authority and illustrates leadership

        By the end of this  module you will

        How to Make Your Best Video Pitch

        So that you are able to attract the attention from your investor in 5 minutes or less and get a seat at his table.

        Follow proven checklists to convey your opportunity

        So you’ll implement the exact information you’ll need to present to let your documents stand out.

        Tease your investor with a one pager summary

        And share only the necessary information to keep your investor engaged one step at a time


        Learn from the masters how to design your investment documents in a compelling and professional way.


        Module 5

        Getting Ready For Date Night

        The dataroom is the heart of any startup, similar to what our lungs and our brain are to our body. It’s Irreplaceable! Everything that you say, everything that you create, falls back on the data available in your dataroom. It’s the tool that makes your fundraising easy.

        This module will teach you how to create your own dataroom, so that you’ll understand your business better than you could have ever imagined and leads to confidence and authority in crafting your documents and delivering your pitch..

        By the end of this  module you will

        Deliver that million dollar impression

        Learn what it takes to become the Tesla or Apple of your industry. 

        Align you message platform wide

        Become a true advocate of your solution and centralize your message over the full world-wide-web.

        Building trust and authority

        Be the management team your investor would like to see. Learn how to align your company vision with your personal one.

        Become visible everywhere

        Take care that your company shows up at any google search, that will deliver confidence towards your future investor.


        Module 6

        The Art of Seduction

         Teasing your investor with a thoughtfully crafted and well designed slide deck that delivers a powerful story and pitchdecks landing on the desk of every investment analyst in the world  will get noticed, seen and rewarded. In this module we will go deep into the best pitchdeck practices and proven methods to get the best results, so you’ll not miss out on any opportunity.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Foster investor relations on auto pilot

        Warm up your audience way before you are asking for funds. Stand-out as a professional that takes their business serious.

        How to stay on top of your deal flow

        We are building a powerful crm together that host each and every investor and the actions you need to take.

        Excite and keep your investors engaged

        Learn how to seduce your investors to let them want more and more and more…

        Track exactly what investor is interested

        We teach you the methods how to spy on your investors, so that you know who is interested and who is not


        Module 7

        Crushing All Your Dates

        In this module it’s our goal to let you walk away with the skills of a TedX speaker, so that you are packed with the knowledge and experience to jam your investment presentation. Being able to confidently convey your message and build authority along the way, will support you in pushing your investment opportunity through the investors pipeline with success.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Deliver an amazing Live Pitch that get noticed

        Get your investor nailed to his chair, wanting to know more as a TedX speaker delivering his message.

        Learn how to run the perfect meeting

        Become the talk of the town, become mysterious, learn how to become the company every investor wants to invest in.

        Deliver the ultimate investment opportunity

        Focus on what the investors would love to hear and see from you. Say the right things at the right time, so that your potential investment moves flawless through the pipeline.

        How to let an investor sell themselves to you.

        Explore the right questions and tactics you can leverage so that an investor buys in your opportunity, instead of begging them to join.


        Module 8

        Ready To Fall Crazy In Love

        Too many times in experienced founders see only the cash, but seldom understand the definitions of the terms. What is a good deal and what are the shit deals that you should always avoid.  Learn what financing options are available for you and how to negotiate and structure a venture deal, without destroying the relationship with your investor.  After this module you’ll know exactly the definitions of every deal term and what the potential implications are. You’ll get familiar with all the available financing options and their pro’s and cons.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Recognizing & Avoiding shit terms and deals

        So that when you exit one day, or sell your shares you have all the rights to discuss your rights.

        Masterclass Termsheets

        Learn from the experts how you can get the most out of your termsheets without destroying your investor relationship.
        Looking at data on ipad

        The financing options that keep it simple

        Select the financing instruments that are most beneficial for your startup and avoid heavy negotiations about terms that aren’t mattering so much.

        Like a boss coffee

        How to keep control over your business.

        So that now and in the future you’ll maintain great relationships with your investor.


        Module 9

        Getting in a relationship

        Your end result has everything to do with doing the right things at the right time and skipping the things that can turn out deadly for your fundraising. After raising double digits in millions for many startups you can be ensured to learn what works and what doesn’t work, what financing options are the best for you, how to keep your investors engaged and much more.

        By the end of this  module you will

        Writing on journal top view

        Dream Capital Checklist

        Save time by prioritizing your must-have document and mindset first, then followed by the nice to have
        Writing on notebook beside laptop

        How to leave that

        Check box the magic 10 box to fully de-risk the opportunity for your investor.
        Sticky notes on the wall

        From zero to hero blueprint

        Take the lead. know exactly what, when, where, who
        Man on headset smiles while watching phone

        Weekly Live Q&A Calls

        Weekly Q&A calls with your host and group members to discuss possible improvements and gain insights.


        Connect, Network, Learn and Get Coached in our Member only Powerful SDDC Community, meeting founders at the exact same journey

        Startup Images a lot of images

        Enjoy Expurd Sessions monthly from founders
        who have led $100.000.000 + startups.


        CEO of Stilt Studio | Former of CEO of Lazada

        Ravid Chowdhury

        CFO, Truck Lagbe

        When you are serious about your startup,
        WAITING to take action WILL BE A COSTLY DECISION

        • The mistake most founders make is they think the “do it yourself route” is cheaper, and they don’t realize it’s actually slower, ineffective and more expensive.
        • Browsing the internet is killing your time, your focus and leaves you unsatisfied moving from idea to another, while you don’t move into the direction of success.
        • Starting to raise funds with a few months of runway left , is setting yourself up for failure and crazy expensive, because you’re obligated to accept shit deals to save your startup.
        • There are only a few investors that may be considered as your dream partner. The earlier your start, the more time you have to build a tribe of investors, warm up your relationship and the more likely to get funded.
        • When you believe a program like this is expensive then you are wearing the wrong cap. Spending time figuring things out on your own without feedback that is expensive.

        What do our clients and students
        have to share with you?

        "Absolutely buuuzzzzzzzzing after yesterday's Master Class by 'the Master,' Mr Sven. I woke at 4am with fantastic strategies running through my head."

        Simon Fruen

        Project Manager

        "Sven is a great asset for early stage startups who want to grow fast.

        Sven is a great advisor for first time entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and structure. He helped us to get clear on the data room and internal structures."

        Steven Gouw

        CEO HR Startup

        "May I just say that I am really surprised by how much I have learnt from this exercise! It really challenged me to be bold with my goals! I realized I was being so prudent at the beginning and slowly forced myself to be ambitious and set realistic but higher goals. I am still a little uncomfortable with my planning on expected scenario."

        Shasha Malik

        Managing Director

        "Discovering the details and realizing the work requirements"

        Mark Chai

        Marketing Manager of THB

        "Sven truly helped in a no-nonsense way. Beyond his experience has empathy, He truly gets it. Your Business, Your obstacles, Your Psyche and Your Vision. He will go out of his way to help you get where you need to be."

        Slok Bern

        Founder Hardware Company

        "Sven provides clarity. I feel I have finally a clear understanding of how to structure a deal.  Practical insights and strategies that you can put into place immediately to get the results for your project. You can implement them  immediately. He delivers great value and cuts down your learning time emmensely"


        CEO City Discovery App

        "Sven helps you navigate through the maze. He's a serial entrepreneur who always comes with an array of ideas to the table, fully utilizing his high-energy personality, drive and creativity."

        Tomas Laboutka

        Serial Entrepreneur

        "Sven helps you get sparkle clear. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level,  you should definitely work with Sven.  Sven has a very clear,  no nonsense way of explaining and knows a lot about everything related to start-ups and financing.  So far his advise on startup story,  negotiating and finding the right partners is worth gold!"

        Vincent Wolfaard

        CEO Interior E-Commerce

        Are You a spectator or a Founder that takes action? 
        Fuel Your Startup! Join Startup Dream Date Capital Today! 

        Our BigBang Guarantees

        Writing on journal top view

        Crystal Clarity

        Our students experience massive transformations in their business and explored innovation in many areas. Check the testimonials
        Writing on notebook beside laptop

        Startup Investment Ready

        Founders who complete the program will have all investor documents perfectly in place, refined and optimized for best outcomes.
        Sticky notes on the wall

        30+ Lasertarget Investor List

        The strategies in the program will allow you to double down on finding the best investors in your area that fit your vision and company stage. If not we do it for you.
        Man on headset smiles while watching phone

        Video Pitch 300+ Investors

        For Students who fully complete the program and gain our approval and test, we will offer to share your video pitch to over 300+ early stage investors

        30 DAYS


        We are so confident that Startup Dream Date Capital will move the needle forward in your business that we  offer a 30 Day, guaranteed money back in the event you are not happy.

        All we ask is to show us that you have completed the course, materials, the challenges and followed the tactics that lead to success. Simply drop our 24/7 help-desk in your student center a message and ask for a refund. Our team will assist you.

        Sven Milder

        Founder The StartupChef


        30 Investor Contacts Guaranteed.

        You join our program with the goal to present your business as a Startup Pro in front of professional investors. No investors means no funding. The last thing we want is that you are not being able to mail your pitchdeck to investors. We are so confident that the methods you learn at Startup Dream Date Capital will deliver you a list of investors. In the event you don’t manage that, we will top-up your list with our 30 Investor Contact Guarantee.

        All we ask is to show us the method that we taught and the list you have collected.  To use this guarantee simply drop our 24/7 help-desk in your student center a message and ask for help . Our team will assist you.

        Sven Milder

        Founder The StartupChef


        BONUS #1:
        Connect With Angels & Accelerators
        ($ 300,00 Value)

        Steal the emails and contact details of all angel and accelerator networks.

        BONUS #2:
        Done For You Template Gallery
        ($ 600,00 Value)

        We make your life easy and designed and crafted the templates for you to help you save 100 hours of time and accelerate.

        Pre-Written Investors swipe files ready to send
        Introduction Emails ready to send
        Investor CRM’s to keep track on your deals
        Startup Financials Templates
        Dataroom Templates
        Pitchdeck Templates
        and way more……

        BONUS #3:
        Video Pitch To 300+ Early Stage Investors
        ($ 1.000, Value)

        For those who fully complete the program, have all documents created following our best practices, and gain our approval, we offer the opportunity to share your Video Pitch to our warm network of investors.

        Why only the ones that complete and succeed the program?
        Would you introduce your best friends to a startup that is not ready for investors? No right?

        Take this opportunity.

        Pitchdeck Templates
        and way more……

        Are You a spectator or a Founder that takes action? 
        Fuel Your Startup! Join Startup Dream Date Capital Today! 

        Pay with confidence.

        All payments are processed by Stripe


        Test it out for 30 days.

        Grow your skills significantly. If you disagree, we’ll pay you back.


        We have changed our offer based on excellent input

         Sven has helped us to prepare and plan the fundraising process in detail, which resulted in a structured approach to reach out to our investors to grow our business.


        CEO Iot Startup

        Sven provides clarity.

         I feel I have finally a clear understanding of how to structure a deal.  Practical insights and strategies that you can put into place immediately to get the results for your project. You can implement them  immediately. He delivers great value and cuts down your learning time emmensely


        CEO City Discovery App

        Sven helps you navigate through the maze

        Sven is a serial entrepreneur who always comes with an array of ideas to the table, fully utilizing his high-energy personality, drive and creativity.

        Tomas Laboutka

        Serial Entrepreneur

        Sven is a visionary leader

        .. that can effectively connecting the dots that are necessary to achieve what he envisioned. He is also able to effectively tackle day-to-day business challenges like no other.

        Leo Koesmanto

        Managing Director Bank

        Receive crazy bonuses

        Sven Milder

        Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Speaker, Coach & Kombucha Brewer.

        Just seven years ago, I hit rock bottom after a business failure with only a few thousand dollars left to live on.

        With no money in my pocket, no idea where to go, and only a compelling vision in mind, I packed a suitcase and travelled to Indonesia to raise money from investors to fund my dream.

        I still had a bit of hope, although barely, and the woman I loved by my side, but then I was hit by the realisation that I am moving to a country I didn’t know anyone or anything.

        Far more important I wasn’t equipped with the knowledge how to find investors, design a winning pitch deck, negotiate or even to structure and close deal.

        I failed numerous times and almost gave up until I discovered a method that changed my way of thinking, but was at the same time very familiar for me. I used ancient dating strategies to get investors hooked, combined with the concept of reverse engineering and applied them dozens of times, ever since with success.

        Fast forward and now I am here, Sven Milder, a Dutch serial entrepreneur currently living in Asia. After the first year of struggle, I have built up and immense network, work with the best startups and executives in the industry and led teams made of up to 1500 people.

        I raised and generated millions of dollars in investment and revenues, run multiple businesses and are missioned to move startup founders just like you to the next level in their business via The Startup Chef.

        You might wonder why I am telling you this, simple: If I can do it, you can too.

        My struggle doesn’t need to be your struggle any longer. With the practical, effective 11 Step Date Your Startup Investor Blue print. a easy-to-follow fundraise system designed for you , you too can be successful in raising capital.

        Welcome to the Startup Dream Date Capital.

        Sven Milder


        We love you to start stress-free. Check our FAQ.

        Below we have shared the most commonly asked questions we receive before other student, make the decision to join on this life changing business opportunity. In case you have other questions support@thestartupchef.com

        How Do I Pay? Get invoiced?
        For Global Payments we are using Stripe. In the advantage that you would like to take advantage of a payment plan, Stripe is the only option.

        Specially for Indonesian Students we have an agreement with Xendit that support all Indonesian Payment Methods.

        We offer all payment method. Is Stripe is a problem, drop us a message and we will make it work.

        An invoice after payment is shared with you.

        How does the refund policy works?

        We offer you a 30 day test run to experience how this online course can significantly help you to get your business funded. In the event that you are not satisfied with the insights you gained and experience, you may send us your work and a refund request in our helpdesk center and we will return your investment.

        Can I get additional coaching when needed?

        The program is complete and covers everything what you need to know.

        That being said, when you desire additional coaching there are a few options.

        Option 1:) Drop us an email if you would love to book Sven For Additional sessions.

        Option 2:) There is a WhatsApp Business Coaching Package available that allows you to connect with our venture analyst for an additional 3 months

        How Much Money can I raise with these strategies?
        Within Fundraise Academy we are focussed on early stage to growth stage companies.

        The program is great for companies that are looking to raise anywhere between $100.000 – $3.000.0000

        Do you offer other products that can help me succeed amongst startup dream capital?
        Yes, we have a product called DeeDee.io, it’s the first virtual dataroom that connects founders with investors. This b2b software as a service solution can help your company access hundreds of investors. The cost is a monthly fee + a small percentage of brokerage fee in case the deal is succesful.
        When will the materials be available?
        The “Introduction To Startup Capital” Will be available for you one day before the kick-off of the program, so that you can start immediately. The follow up modules will be available every Monday at the beginning of the week. Practice has thought us that you need the time to complete assignments.

        In the event that you would love your materials delivered to you faster, please drop our customer service a message and we will help you out.

        How many hours do I need to locate weekly?

        First off Fundraise Academy is a forever access online course, including the potential future updates. You will decide your own speed and follow the blue-print at your own convenience.

        The live group call recordings will be stored in your digital training center, so you can listen to them anytime.

        In case you’d like to ask questions, then be sure to attend.

        On average per week a 4-6 hours is required.

        What are the teaching methods

        This is a group coaching program. You’ll get To monday Live kick-off for 6 weeks, echt 90 minutes, And friday Q&A’s of 60 minutes, masterminds, interviews etc, amongst that access to short video’s that are organized by topic and presented through video’s, pdf, get-it-done assignments. All the materials are available in our online student training center.

        Will I guaranteed raise Startup Capital?
        There is no guarantee that we can guarantee that you’ll raise the funds you need, but we can guarantee that through our methods and approach you will drastically enhance your opportunities by 200%.

        We can’t help a fundamentally wrong business succeed. We can help great businesses help to be seen and grow their success significantly through our strategies.

        Many factors play a role and together we will be working on emphasizing the good and polish the bad.

        Do you offer one-on-one coaching?
        This program is made with the same materials we support startup founders that have paid $10.000,- to work one-on-one with us.

        The difference is that we offer weekly group coaching and help them connect with our investment network of over 500 investors. We are open for discussions, please drop us message,

        My co-founder wants to join me?
        We offer co-founder access for a 25% of your purchase price. This option is available after payment.


        Copyright 2020. Bang Bang Ventures Pte. Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

        This is not a get-funded quick with a daiquiri-on-the-beach kind of thing. Let’s be real. It takes effort, smart work and focus to achieve the kind of results you want to achieve. But, you’re already putting in the effort, right? I’m here to help you focus on creating a system that will work for you forever and allows you to raise capital from investors the comfortable way. We do not believe in get quick funded schemes, but we do believe in hard, smart work. As such, we do not make any guarantees about your success. Any testimonials, results or other references to revenue generated through the systems taught in this program are not typical of average results. The results you get are entirely dependent on your personal efforts, your experience, resources and other factors, but know that we are in the game to help you succeed.