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Fundraising BootCamp 

Startup Dream

Date Capital

Our Signature 6 Week Online Fundraising Bootcamp for early stage founders will help you to close your angel or seed round in less than 4 months following our “date your startup investor” framework to successfully close your early stage funding round.

You’ll get acquianted with the terms, definitions and all the rules of the game that will guarantee confidence and clarity.

You’ll be gifted to present your investment story, documents and opportunity engaging and convincing.

You’ll have built a laser focused list of dream investors that understand your business, and believe in your vision.
You’ll be able to video pitch your startup at the end of the program in front of 500+ Investors and grow chances significant to get funded
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We help you to get your startup funded by world-class investors

Our range of products help you solve your biggest fund raise challenges so you get sparkle clear about your fundraising strategy, before we introduce your startup to 1000+ investors


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We post trendsetting ideas, provoking thoughts and share strategies that we hope will sparkle inspiration to be better in business tomorrow.

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Fundraise Academy Testimonials

“Absolutely buuuzzzzzzzzing after yesterday’s Master Class by ‘the Master,’ Mr Sven. I woke at 4am with fantastic strategies running through my head.”

Simon Fruen
Project Manager

May I just say that I am really surprised by how much I have learnt from this exercise! It really challenged me to be bold with my goals! I realized I was being so prudent at the beginning and slowly forced myself to be ambitious and set realistic but higher goals. I am still a little uncomfortable with my planning on expected scenario.

Shasha Malik
Managing Director

All the well organized excel sheets are incredibly helpful. Getting to know about data room, score card, cap tables etc. I feel more confident in reaching out to investors as I know what they are looking for and the process of attracting them.

Sarah Poh
Founder, Director, CEO

I never thought this was an important thing until now. Never thought there is such thing as “data room” for startups giving access to investors
I honestly never been successful in making a teaser. Whenever I was asked, the overall document was still extensive. This really provide a clear guideline for me that was never before thought of nor found the information online.

Sara Sofyan
Co-founder adn CEO of Wif

Discovering the details and realizing the work requirements

Mark Chai
Marketing Manager of THB

This program literally answered the questions that I’ve been looking for years. I was looking for mentors and it gave me exactly what I need.

Wahyu Muliady
Chief Executive Officer at Ameera