What our clients say about us

“Absolutely buuuzzzzzzzzing after yesterday’s Master Class by ‘the Master,’ Mr Sven. I woke at 4am with fantastic strategies running through my head.”

Simon Fruen

Project Manager

Sven is a great asset for early stage startups who want to grow fast.

Sven is a great advisor for first time entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance and structure. He helped us to get clear on the data room and internal structures.

Steven Gouw

CEO HR Startup

“May I just say that I am really surprised by how much I have learnt from this exercise! It really challenged me to be bold with my goals! I realized I was being so prudent at the beginning and slowly forced myself to be ambitious and set realistic but higher goals. I am still a little uncomfortable with my planning on expected scenario.”

Shasha Malik

Managing Director

“Discovering the details and realizing the work requirements”

Mark Chai

Marketing Manager of THB

Sven truly helped in a no-nonsense way. Beyond his experience has empathy, He truly gets it. Your Business, Your obstacles, Your Psyche and Your Vision. He will go out of his way to help you get where you need to be.

Slok Bern

Founder Hardware Company

“Sven provides clarity. I feel I have finally a clear understanding of how to structure a deal.  Practical insights and strategies that you can put into place immediately to get the results for your project. You can implement them  immediately. He delivers great value and cuts down your learning time emmensely”


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Sven helps you navigate through the maze. He’s a serial entrepreneur who always comes with an array of ideas to the table, fully utilizing his high-energy personality, drive and creativity.

Tomas Laboutka

Serial Entrepreneur

“Sven helps you get sparkle clear. If you’re ready to take your startup to the next level,  you should definitely work with Sven.  Sven has a very clear,  no nonsense way of explaining and knows a lot about everything related to start-ups and financing.  So far his advise on startup story,  negotiating and finding the right partners is worth gold!”

Vincent Wolfaard

CEO Interior E-Commerce

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