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“I genuinely care about helping other people bring their visions to life… I want to know what keeps you up at night and what motivates and drives you. I want to understand your ambition, your hopes, your wants, your dreams, your challenges, and your fears. I just want to get plugged in and get to know you. And so I have an innate curiosity about people… about business and the intersection of the two. And so I realized that if I could spend my time getting to know people and getting to understand their businesses and how to unlock their businesses and that would be a good place for me to focus on.”

Shaan Coelho

Founder – 3RBTS Consultancy

A true digital marketing specialist, Shaan Coelho had conquered three continents with his ten plus years of experience in the industry.

Being one of the first employees of VaynerMedia, which is known to be under Gary V,  they  built an empire that expanded all over the world in a short period of time.  He literally grew with the company, he was honed and learned a lot because of the opportunities presented to him.

This year, he was set to launch The Greatest Adventure on Earth,  a three year, three continent scavenger hunt to find the  hidden $1 million somewhere on the planet but because of the situation we are in it was postponed to a later date. 

In the episode today, topics mentioned are equity crowdfunding, the difference between the goals of investors and founders, the importance of listening and how one can weave a narrative that people can connect to at an emotional level. Plotting the roadmap through his Paint the Canvas Exercise is really helpful for founders to tell you the things he really wants to focus on and the gaps that need to be filled in. Trusting your team to show up and deliver the work,  incremental progress, self awareness and willingness are  key topics also touched.

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