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When are you ready to raise money?

What Will You Learn In
Video #2?

When is the best time to raise startup capital for your startup?

That we are extremely excited to start our hunt for funds to fund our dream business, that is natural. That being said, growing the chance of our fundraising success depends largely on our preparation-being-ready-mindset.


Each investor requires you some kind of ready-ness

Get the insights, so that you know where your focus needs to be at this moment to help you grow your chance of success

The 3-Main things each business gets evaluated on

Working on these, will help you checkbox what matters before you even go out there.


The 18-Questions You can Ask To Know Your Are Ready.

Shine out of the gate with proper preparations. These 18 items are used by companies to raise millions in investment.


How To Raise Startup Capital Without The Need to Know Any Investor

Students who have watched this webinar, were able to raise capital on the strategies only.

This 90 Minute webinar will reveal my 3 strategies how to find investor, build relationships and design a killer investor deck.

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